Evidence & Documents

Residents' Survey & Community Profile

Residents' Questionnaire Form

Our first major task was to find out what local residents like and dislike about living here, what they would like to change and what they would like to remain the same.  So in March/April 2017, we sent this extensive Questionnaire to every household in the Parish, asking 45 questions about different aspects of life in Broomfield such as:  Getting Around, Local Facilities, the Countryside, Housing and Development.
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Residents' Questionnaire - Full Summary

493 questionnaires were returned (25% of households), revealing the views of 881 people.  This summary contains the main statistics for each section of the Questionnaire, as well as summarising the relevant free text responses.  Each section has a short conclusion, drawing out the the main points that we learned from this major consultation.
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Residents' Questionnaire - Full Statistical Analysis

In designing the questionnaire, the Steering Group was advised by a specialist data processing consultancy, IDA (Independent Data Analysis Ltd). Completed questionnaires could be returned direct to IDA, who processed the information and produced this statistical analysis.  Please note it does not contain the free text answers, which were analysed separately.
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Rural Community Profile

This document pulls together a range of useful data and statistics for Broomfield, from sources such as the Office for National Statistics.  It includes data on the following themes:  Social and Cultural, Equity & Prosperity, Economy, Housing & the Built Environment, Transport and Connectivity, Services, Environmental, Governance.
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Landscape, Natural Environment & Local Green Space

Landscape Appraisal

Our residents' survey showed that the countryside is extremely important to local people. So we commissioned a professional Landscape Appraisal. It looks at the characteristics of each part of the Broomfield landscape, outlining the sensitivity and capacity for change of each part. It is a professional assessment by the landscape expert, so it does more than simply say which parts of the landscape are popular.  Together with the 'Review', it forms an extremely important part of the Evidence Base and several policies are based on them.
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Review - Local Green Space, Valued Landscape, Key Views

This is an extension to the Landscape Appraisal.  It was carried out to see if any parcels of land in the Parish meet the criteria for:

- Local Green Space (as set out in Government guidance)

- Valued Landscape (as set out in Landscape Institute  guidance).

 The Review concludes that there are both Local Green Spaces and Valued Landscapes.  It also identifies Key Views which make an important contribution to the Broomfield landscape.
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Local Green Space Assessment

Government guidance enables the designation and protection of land of particular importance to local communities as Local Green Space (‘LGS’) in neighbourhood plans.  This Assessment outlines the 15 sites proposed as LGS and the process for selecting them.  It's closely linked to the 'Review of  Local Green Space, Valued Landscape and Key Views' (see above).

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 Design Guidelines

 Our Design Guide was produced by AECOM, funded by a government grant.  AECOM staff visited Broomfield to observe and analyse local character in terms of building style.  The Guide is the result - aimed to encourage new developments to achieve high quality and relate well to existing character.  It also includes a chapter of recommendations about the design and layout of the 'North of Broomfield' development.

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Village Design Statement 2011 (VDS)

 The VDS provides design guidance for 11 character areas in Broomfield, as well as for village-wide features.  It was adopted by the City Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance in 2011.  This means it has helped in the preparation and assessment of planning applications, to try and ensure that new developments are in keeping with existing styles.  It has helped to inform the Neighbourhood Plan Design Guide, which will supersede it when the Plan is agreed.

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Housing and Site Options

Housing Needs Assessment (HNA)

We commissioned an HNA to find out how many and what type of houses Broomfield needs.  The HNA was carried by AECOM, funded by government grant.  It identifies an overall need for 176 new dwellings during the Plan period.  It also confirms significant problems with affordability and makes recommendations to address this.

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Site Options and Assessment Report

Owners and promoters are able to put land forward for development in response to a 'Call for Sites'.  All such land in Broomfield, currently put forward in response to either Local Plan or Neighbourhood Plan Calls for Sites was assessed to see if it would be suitable for some kind of development.  The assessment was carried out by AECOM, funded by government grant.
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NP Proposals for Reducing the Impact of Traffic - Maps

Please download the document to see our suggested traffic improvements in a series of maps.

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