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Chelmsford City Council (CCC)

CCC is the local planning authority, so it is the outside body with the most direct relevance to the draft Neighbourhood Plan.  CCC will organise later stages of consultation on the Plan, an independent 'Examination' and the final referendum. If the Plan is agreed or 'made', it becomes part of CCC's suite of planning documents.

As the planning authority, it is responsible for producing and maintaining the Local Plan.  Neigbourhood plans have to be in general conformity with the relevant local plan, so neighbourhood plans cannot contradict the key strategic policies of the local plan.  Chelmsford Local Plan was adopted in May 2020.  A Review process has started and is expected to complete in 2025.

 Planning applications are determined by CCC.  It also has responsibility for housing and many other functions. 

Essex County Council (ECC)

ECC has important responsibilities affecting topics covered in the draft Neighbourhood Plan.  For instance: 

  • Planning functions, particularly regarding Minerals (extraction of gravel etc)
  • Highways - so achieving our aspirations for new cycle paths and reducing traffic means working with Essex Highways)
  • Flooding - ECC is the Flood Authority
  • Waste and Recycling - deciding how waste is disposed of in a sustainable way
  • Heritage - archaeology, historical records and archives, building conservation
  • Energy - for instance, leading on Solar Together Essex and Essex Energy Switch
  • Adult Services - including support for disabled adults and other groups needing support.  The proposal for a new centre on land south of Broomfield Place and related community facilities is therefore an initiative of ECC
  • Landowner - ECC owns a number of sites in Broomfield and is helping us to achieve new Public Open Space and new cycle and footpaths.
In some areas, responsibility is shared with the City Council.  Please note the above list only includes functions that are specifically mentioned in the Neighbourhood Plan.  There are many others, such as Libraries, Education and Childcare.